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Detect user frequency to define cleaning frequence.

One thing is to engage in a new technology and embrace all the obvious benefits - another thing is to get acceptance among your colleagues, staff and administration people. In order to overcome this we have worked out some easy-to-understand background information that is ready to use.

We always offer our customers to participate in an informal introduction meeting presenting the facts of bacteria, answering questions and of course explain the basics and effects of our products.

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Bacteria trivia
Bacteria is an immense part of our everyday life and a vital part of our human microbiome and our natural immune system.
While most bacteria are either harmless, do us good or fight contamination and intruders some are also harmful causing illness and in severe cases loss of lives. At the same time an ever increasing number has grown immune to antibiotics i.e impossible to treat.

As an example more than 100,000 patients die every year from infections caused during admittance in an hospital in the United States alone. Infectious related bacteria thrive especially well in our fecal zones hence it is imperative we wash our hands properly with soap after using a toilet. Thereby ensuring that virus, bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Clostridium difficile, coli are removed from our hands or at least reduced heavily.