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soapSanalert V1 - soap

The Sanalert V1-soap is the first generation of intelligent dispensing units brought to market by Nobak in 2015.
The characteristic clean white design provides a simple yet clear product identity – at the same time very cleaning friendly.
The V1 series can be mounted in any given environment on any given location and powered both with the included battery box or external power supply.

Using advanced sound algorithm the unit will decode a number of actions performed by the user and motivate the use of soap or other preferred agents in conjunction with hand washing.

Benefits of the product:

+ improve hand hygiene by 100 %
+ easy installation and training
+ hands free
+ use in existing environments as well as new
+ intuitive
+ cleaning friendly
+ easy service
+ soap low indicator
+ no dispense service mode
+ on site compliance test
+ adaptive

+ optional : collect, monitor and dump behavioral data automatic report soap/battery low