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While research confirms the importance of proper hand washing, no company has advised efficient systems and methods to proof that more than 50 % of adults do not abide by the rules of proper hand hygiene. Causing bacteria, virus and unwanted infections to spread.

Nobak now introduce SanalertTM a patented series of intelligent dispensing units that by the use of advanced sound detection will break this paradigm and make it socially unacceptable not to perform proper hand washing after having used the toilet. Watch the two scenarios running below and read more about the pattern breaking system here.

Read more about the SanalertTM series here

// Scenario 1:
what users will be compelled to do

Health is in your hands

The chart below shows a very typical pattern at a teachers toilet at a public school measured within a 3 hour period.

Data obtained after the Sanalert installation proves a very different and improved pattern.